come stroll among the wildflowers

About Me

I am a retired high school English teacher from Emporia, Kansas on the edge of the beautiful tallgrass prairie called the Flint Hills.  In addition to writing and telling stories, I enjoy gardening, cuddling my corgi, cooking for friends and family, and collecting junk (primitive antiques).  When husband Duane and I visited the mock-up of the Abe Lincoln cabin at the museum in Springfield IL, we felt right at home.  It was full of our stuff.

We live on 20 acres three miles west of Emporia.  We have horses, dogs, cats, and four kids who have blessed us with 5 grandchildren.  The smartest move I ever made was to marry a veterinarian.  Keeps the vet bill under control.  I am retired and Duane is trying to.  We love to travel but we also love to come back home to our family, animals, and gardens.

Beyond our pasture gate is the prairie filled with wildflowers and birds, sun and wind, snow and stories.  I love this place.